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okay.. here is the plan.. ;)

Right, i've have a cunning plan.. in the style of baldrick.. thinking about updating my LJ more often now, and keeping it focused on geeeky stuff just so it can surve as a referance to my and anyone who might come accross it.. might still update it with triv about my life and stuff, but who knows, might all change and i don't update it for a few years again.. lol

thinking about getting lm sensors working with mrtg so i can do some graphs on my little box and also well i like looking at graps and reading cpu temps and data thoughputs.. so trying to now get ubuntu server to work and output some fancy html and pritty images..

after that, will try and intergrate that php resize script into the freeway bar website so it's eaiser for my sis to upload images and sort out stuff in the gallery, just thinking about some kind of things faceache currently use and the ajax techniques i could use at the mo with moving and ordering images in divs and then update the ordering of the images.. been looking at a few scripts just need to do some js code to do the calls when it's updating either after each drag of the div containing the image or on a submit button on a form with a hidden field containing the ordering array or something.. WIP at the moment.

triv stuff, got a meeting tmw at 10.30 with boss and my sr, to sort out some planning for the summer, after i've emailed off a list of things i would like covered as no one else has bothered thinking about things for the new term and such, and where we are going in the future, if any direction at all.. rather than looking at my sr playing about with images, well that just drove me crazy when i was coding a php content system for some L staff.. oh well, keeping on looking for a new job, might have to submit my cv again and really look this time rather than just reliying on agencies. Thought reckon my CV and portfoilo webite it up to scratch, migth revisit that when i've got a bit... oh the list of things go on at the moment, and well no time for world domimation just yet!!! ;)


Just been messing about with some image automatic resizing with php using GD librarys, been having fun and well should now go to sleep.. also thiniking about intergrating the image resize into the a admin section of my sisters website i created a few days ago..

if you are ever in thailand and want a bamboo tattoo then why not vist freeway bamboo tattoo

Skins designs

Windows Cached Authed Sessions

Found this command

rundll32.exe keymgr.dll, KRShowKeyMgr

Which shows you which authed sessions you have saved in windows, very handy if you need to clear sessions from time to time.

scotopic sensitivity

I suffer from scotopic sensitivity and just upgraded my work machine loaded up email and yuck.. Text in the emails was really hard for me to read as IE7 wants to put ClearType on all rendered HTML.. After a little bit of digging found this and how to turn it off.. YAY


On another note, back and neck still in pain... pain killers need pain killers!!!!!

Back to work

Wet wet and more wet, as you might be able to tell it's raining, and i'm wet.. :o(

got a splitting neck pain for two days now..

Aug. 7th, 2008

Feel invisable today, but i guess that's a good thing.

pet shop

went to the pet shop today at lunch time... very cute things about.. :)
˙uʍop ǝpısdn ɹǝʇɐʍ ʞuıɹp oʇ ǝlqɐun ǝɹɐ suǝʞɔıɥɔ 'ɹǝʇɐʍ ƃuıʞuıɹp ǝlıɥʍ pɐǝɥ ɹnoʎ uo ƃuıpuɐʇs